Before we get too far, please allow me to provide you with some helpful links.

For training on photoshop I recommend – this is a video training site (around $25/Mo.) They have videos on photoshop, photography, lightroom and a few other topics like dreamweaver and flash. This is my current favorite site. – for a more basic overview of photoshop. This site is also around $25/month. has a lot more content overall. It has many many different types of software training videos from microsoft office to all of the adobe products and a lot of apple and corel programs (there are way too many programs to do lynda justice). The only problem is that they only give you a cursory overview of each program. Sure you learn how to use all of a program’s various functions, but it doesn’t give you much to chew on after that. is also a great website for photoshop training. is a weekly online video show hosted by NAPP (the National Association of Photoshop Professionals).

Finally, is the homepage of NAPP.