The last entry I had pertained to photography links. This site could have been listed there, but I felt it deserved its own post.

Mpix forums is the forum of the prosumer lab Mpix. Currently they have 7 different forums.

  1. Mpix 2.0 – discussions specifically about the revised mpix website.
  2. digital photography
  3. photo sharing
  4. Mpix – discussions about any and all things mpix
  5. film photography
  6. the “business” side of photography
  7. General Discussions

I want you to know that the customer service reps for mpix are constantly checking the forums when they aren’t responding to customer emails. This is probably the most fanatically followed lab forum out there. The Mpix Forum community are very close knit and sincere about helping one another. They constantly amaze me how they answer each others requests for information or technical or artistic opinions. Additionally the customer service reps also jump right in and offer assistance whenever they can.

If you only have time to check out a few websites, I highly recommend this one.