Sorry to be dormant for so long, If you run across this blog, it is the continuation of my old blog “lab gab” I took some of the better old posts from that blog and rerouted them to my new one. This is the only blog I will be running now. It is an addition to my website, which is also named (you guessed it)-

Today is a new day, a turning point of sorts. A day when the stars were aligned and it feels like everything is coming together.

Over the last couple of months I have created my new website (which will be under construction for a long time to come – but at least it is open now)  I created my flickr account, a facebook page (along with two groups – one for outofnapkins and one for my studio “faces and places studio”) and finally got around to bringing my blog back from the dead. Today is the culmination of efforts and the unveiling of my combined internet presence.