Last wednesday, I attended a photoshop seminar presented by Dallas wedding photographer JB Sallee. One of the things that really captured my interest was the heavy use of “grunge” overlays.  To say I was motivated was an understatement!  I went out the next couple days and photographed any grungy texture I could find from dirty concrete to rusty metal. I even thought about going to a salvage yard to photograph paint peeling and rusting off of the sides of old cars.

Today, I am a new man. I have progressed from shooting any old texture and have found an alternative. Something with more style, substance, predictability and a lot less travel. Today, I have found scrapbooking paper.

Capturing the Texture

Capturing the Texture

I went to a local craft store and bought about 20 different papers and photographed them on my floor using available light. Then I imported them into lightroom and adjusted them so they matched the original samples. Next I took them in to photoshop and cropped them, cleaned them up and saved them in  jpegs format.

Now I can pull up any of these files to use as overlays.

Click Here to see some before and after pics of grunge overlays.

p.s.  you can use anything for an overlay

  • concrete
  • rusty metal
  • newspaper print
  • wallpaper
  • anything with a busy, high contrast look.