Sometimes when you travel or go on a shoot that involves a lot of moving (like the zoo or nature trail), you want to pack light and don’t want of need the hassle of lugging and switching lenses constantly.  Today, I wanted to introduce you to the super zoom lens category.  Canon, Nikon, Sony, Tamron and Sigma all make super zoom lenses.

What is a super zoom you might ask? A super zoom lens has a range of 18mm (wide angle) to 200mm or greater (telephoto). 

These lenses eliminate most of the need for multiple lenses or constant swapping. However, they aren’t perfect.  All of these lenses can produce image abnormalities such as barrel distortion, pincushion distortion and chromatic abberation (click on the word to see the wikipedia definition). The distortion issues can be easily fixed in photoshop and the chromatic abberation (pink or blue edges in high contrast areas) can be fixed in lightroom 2.0 with only one or two quick steps.  These lenses also come with various versions of vibration compensation.

Although not perfect, a super zoom is almost a must have for “walkabout” situations.

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