The other day I had a great debate with a coworker about who was a better photographer: Jimmy Olsen the photographer who tagged along with Clark Kent (Superman) or Peter Parker (Spiderman).  Jimmy Olsen originally came from the Superman radio show in the 1940s while Peter Parker came into existence in the 1960s.  Originally, I figured that Olsen would win hands down as he had years of photojournalism experience (think Chase Jarvis or David “Strobist” Hobby) but after a long debate, I must concede that Mr. Parker must also have some great photographic skills to take self portraits in such extreme conditions (fast moving subject sometimes in low light situations) and his timing had to be perfect too.  In the end, I think that Jimmy Olsen probably had the better portfolio, as well as a broader range of skills.  I do wonder why the comics never show them lugging around a lot of gear.  I guess that is why they are fiction.

By the way, has anybody out there heard about, or (they are supposedly traffic generators). Just wondering if anyone knows more about them.   -thanks