As far as I can tell, there are three kinds of blogs.

  1. News (news to you) blogs
  2. Educational blogs
  3. Journal (news to me) blogs

News blogs are great, but require tons of new constant updates.  Three of my favorites are:, and  between these three I can usually find a wealth of new photography related content.  The other big three that I read are: Gizmodo, Digg and Canon Rumors.

If you are looking for an educational blog for tips, tricks, techniques as well as projects, I recommend the Strobist, Digital ProTalk and for photography as well as the general site: Instructables.

Finally, there is the journal blog which pretty much is just about what someone has been up to.  Of all of the major blogs that I follow, I have found that Joe McNally’s blog fits the description best.  It’s not a bad thing, I enjoy reading it, but that’s just what it seems to be.

Two other blogs (just in case you’re not tired of reading my list yet ;-}  ), PixSylAted is a hybrid between news and education but a very good read.  Probabably my favorite for content – I especially like the regular post of “lessons I didn’t learn in Photo school”.   The other is one that most everybody already knows about (just like most of this list)  PhotoshopInsider.  It is a combination of news and journal – the author (Mr. Kelby) has plenty of other outlets for providing educational content.  One great item worth noting about this blog is “guest wednesday”. It is a section where a guest author writes for the blog and provides a lot of great content. It is kind of a who’s who of blogging special honor to be invited to write for this column.

That’s it, my list (not a complete list- just some of the big ones) of blogs by category.