Maybe it’s just me, but I have grown weary of lighting. 

  Granted, it is a very important aspect of photography, but what about composition?  It seems to me that everybody and their cousin is a fan of the strobist (which I think is a great site also), but that is only half of the equation.

  Last Tuesday, David Ziser did a very nice piece on the use of the horizon line with respect to composition.  I wish more photographers would address the various parts of composition: Crop, Composition, Posing and POV (point of view).  Mr. Ziser’s article was a great example of POV. When you think about camera position, you first need to decide whether there is a horizon line or not (like a seamless backdrop). The general rule of thumb is that, depending on the portrait crop (bust, 3/4s or full), determine the height of the camera.  Mr. Ziser’s video made me realize that it’s not that easy and a horizon line requires a different line of thought.