Have you ever saw something really really cool and bookmarked it, then forgot where the book mark was?

Guess what happened to me today.

I was going to post a video made from time lapse photography but can’t seem to find the link in my 1,000 plus bookmark collection.


I’ve decided to give a couple other links instead.  The first  is a page about metamerism.  Metamerism, if you’re wondering, is what you call it when two prints are made using the same subject (same neg or same digital file) but use slightly different processes (different printer brands, or different labs or even prints from the same printer viewed under different light sources or at different angles) and look VERY different. This link is an explanation of various types of problems you might encounter.  The link is to a site called Colorwiki. It’s not the best article ever (that was in photoshopuser a few months ago) but it’s pretty good.

The other link is from a blog from Gate City Photography about why some couples are willing to see each other before the ceremony while others aren’t.  It is a very informative article and gives insight on the wedding portrait creative process.