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Windows 7 is coming!

Checked my email this morning and found a release date tucked away in a Sam’s club bulk email. 

Microsoft Windows 7 is what Vista should have been. It operates faster, cleaner and more efficiently with a smaller load on system resources than even Windows XP, Windows 7 will be released on October 22.  It looks like any computer bought between now and then will include a free upgrade to windows 7 when it is released. I have seen this deal from best buy and sam’s club as well as some other online vendors

Here is a link that compares different versions.

Check out the professional mode which has a feature which lets you run existing Windows XP productivity applications in Windows XP Mode. (great for older photoshop versions).

I realize that today’s blog post is just loosely related to photography, but it is pretty important to anyone looking to buy a new computer or is just plain tired of dealing with Vista.  The operating system can make a huge performance difference to anyone who relies heavily on post production work.

here are a couple of videos about Windows 7:


The best HDR tutorial I have found

I wanted to share an incredible HDR tutorial I found tucked away on a blog called stuckincustoms.  The author’s name is Trey Ratcliff and he has amazing, crazy HDR skills.  I stumbled across the tutorial while browsing his top 100 pics on flickr.  It is 3 pages long and worth reading every word.  I would like to add my two cent and say that instead of blowing 300 or more bucks on lucis software, pick up the Topaz labs “adjust” plugin (for around $50 – or better yet, buy their software bundle) and follow the steps recommended on Scott Kelby’s “photoshop insider” blog.  Topaz labs also offers a free 30 day fully functional trial.

Slowing Down (for now)

If anyone out there is still listening,

I have decided to take a little break from blogging as much as I can in order to rebuild my website.  I do everything myself and have come up with some really good ideas (I think they’re good) for my site.  I will still be blogging once a week, but that’s about it.  In 3 or 4 months, I should have the new site ready.  It will have videos and a lot more content than currently exists.  My main problem is time, between all of my commitments (3 kids, house for sale, terminally ill family member, custody issues… you get the idea) and hobbies and crazy ideas, I just don’t have time to bang out the content as fast as I would like.  Please have patience, the new website should be worth it.

Topaz Labs – One of the must-have plug-ins

Lately, I haven’t been much in the mood to post anything. It seems that either there is not much going on or everybody waits a couple of weeks and then reposts the same information that someone elso has posted.  I saw a blogpost from Scott Kelby recently about software from Topaz labs.   They have some pretty cool software at great prices.  My favorites are “clean 2” and “adjust 3”.  The “clean” program can give you an illustrator look, while the adjust program can simulate the Lucisart look for a fraction of the price.  I would recommend getting the entire suite.  The cost for four plug-ins is around $120-130.  They are definitely worth their cost if you like the looks they can provide.