Howdy folks,

I’ve been running a series of articles about photo booths and thought I would throw one out there covering camera triggers.  You will probably want some sort of remote trigger so that no one has to man the camera (I think that’s the main advantage of a photo booth) or use a wired trigger that someone may trip on the cord.  There are quite a few options but they’re not all easy to find.  For the major brands, you could always buy the same brand remote.  Many of these come with an instant shutter release or a delay function.  My canon remote comes with both of these functions (on a switch located on the bottom of the remote).

If you don’t want the name brand (or can’t find one) there are a few other options out there.  I found the Aputure Pro Coworker Remote Shutter while browsing a forum.  There is the pocket wizard multimax  (other models may work) and I think the elinchrom skyport  system will also remotely trigger the camera.  I just ordered a set of the skyport units this week.  The real advantage of the pocketwizard and elinchrom skyport systems is that they can also be used to trigger lighting systems (both flash units and studio strobes).

If you are more of a tinkerer, I also found a DIY option on digital-photography-school.coms website.  The article walks you step by step in building a remote camera trigger from a doorbell unit.

Good luck on those photo booths!