Howdy folks,

Today I have five links, two for camera news and two for new online photolabs and one cool app.

First, Nikon has released info on their new D300s,  you can find a review on Scott Kelby’s blog “photshopinsider”

Second, There is pretty good chatter about the Canon 60d (it  was rumored to be announced after the unveiling of Nikon’s new D300s).  You can find a link to the most believable specs I’ve seen so far on the blog “CanonRumors

Third, I’ve mentioned mpix forums before as a great community to get answers for photography questions.  Now they have a pro site for more advanced photographers, appropriately named .  There is a review from Scott Kelby on his blog in one of his regular Thursday News articles.

Fourth, Kodak is dipping it’s toes into the “pro” arena with a subtle addition to the Kodak gallery.  If you go to the main page there is a button marked professional print “beta”. That is the link to their “pro” ordering that is currently in testing.  The link does work and you can order prints.  Last time I checked, they were offering 50% off 8x10s.

Finally, item number five.  It appears that OnOne software (they make some great photoshop plug-ins) has created an iphone app that allows you to remotely trigger your Canon or Nikon DSLR with your iphone.  In addition, if your camera has a live view mode, you can supposedly view it through the iphone also.