Howdy folks,

I’ve been away in San Fransisco for the last week or so.  I picked up a wide angle lens while I was there and managed to shoot over 3,000 images – that’s almost 19 gigs (I think my wife will forgive me in another week or so).  I used two different cameras (one dslr and one point and shoot), three lenses (on the dslr), 6 memory cards (one 8 gig, two 4 gig, one 2 and one 1 gig compact flash as well as a 4 gig sd card) and a partridge in a pear tree (just kidding). I’ve been pretty busy catching up with everything that went on while I was out (including processing, tagging and editing all those files).  I wanted to pass along a couple of blog posts I saw that give some info on the upcoming Canon 60d!

link number one: : Rumors, Rumors, Rumors

link number two: : Announcement Day! August 19th, 2009

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