Howdy folks,

here are the best estimates for release dates that I have found so far…


Adobe photoshop cs5 (and the rest of the suite as well)  –  April 2010

this is based on the current 18 month product release cycle that Adobe has stuck with for the last few years.


Canon 7D announcement – September 1st, 2009

Canon 60D announcement – February 2010 (based on 18-month product release cycle

the 7D announcement date is based on a recent post found on – A roadmap: odds and ends

the 60D product release cycle  is also discussed in that post.


Microsoft Windows 7 operating system – October 22, 2009

already announced.  Just waiting for the release date…  by the way, some computers bought between now and then qualify for a free Win7 upgrade.  Check with the seller before buying.