howdy folks,

I have a couple of stories for you that might give you inspiration for simple effective marketing ideas.

Yesterday I read a blog post from David Ziser about a guerrilla marketing technique where you send a couple of pen’s with your brand name on them every time you send correspondence.  It is a little long but worth the read.

 Here is the link to Mr. Ziser article:

Earlier today I was on .  It’s a website that lets you pick a selection of blogs from the largest blogs out there (on whatever topic you’re interested in) and display the collection and their 5 most recent articles.  I’ll post my page in a few days.  Anyway, I was looking in the marketing section and found a great article on the true value of banner ads.  It reminded me lot (in a lateral thinking kind of way…) of Mr. Ziser’s article about the ink pens.

here’s the link:

Finally, here is a link to a similar but different strategy.  It doesn’t flood an individual with name recognition. It flood’s a region.  It’s a great article from Photography for Real Estate titled– “tap into neighbor interest in new listings”.  The article discussed techniques for pulling in additional clients from people familiar with current customers.

here’s the link: