howdy folks,

a couple of days ago I posted a picture of my son playing baseball – his way.

I liked the idea enough that I turned it into a painting (using corel painter 10).

Playing Baseball Painting

"Playing Baseball" Painting

 First, I made a quick clone of the original and turned off the tracing paper feature to show a white canvas.  Then I selected the Acrylics Captured Bristle from the Smart Stroke Brushes category.  I used the Auto-Paint feature using that brush.  When the Auto-Paint had finished, I selected the Opaque Bristle Spray brush in the Oils category. I set the opacity somewhere between 6% to 20% and painted back the detail in my son by following the natural contours of the image. 

It took roughly 20-30 minutes from the time I opened painter to the time I saved the final image.