howdy folks, has a new hands on preview of the new Canon 7d.

here’s the link:

It turns out that Canon has decided to up their game and be the leader of the APS-C sensor field again.  Although the 7D looks a lot like (and was timed right to be) the replacement for the 50D, from what I have read, the 7D is more like a big brother than a replacement.  I’m wondering if we’ll still see a 60D in february (only time will tell). With dual digic IV processors, 8 fps (frames-per-second), ISO range from 100-6400, a new 19 point auto-focus and new 18 megapixel sensor, at $1900 for the body and 28-135 image stabilized lens or $1700 for the body only, this is definitely worth a look for anyone considering a prosumer camera.  Expect retailers to start stocking it at the end of september.