howdy folks,

This is going to be a hard post for me.

You see,  I’ve never been an apple fan.  I don’t own a mac or iPod or iPhone or ever visit the iTunes store.  I didn’t want to…  I grew up learning to program edLine basic (even before gwBasic for those that remember).  I didn’t like how everything apple was proprietary.  I didn’t like how you were locked in once you joined “the club”.  I built my own computers and downloaded songs from Amazon because of their DRM policy. 

The times they are a changin’

After 4 failed attempts to find a non-apple mp3 player worth it’s price, I’ve decided that if everyone else loves their iPod then they can’t be all bad – right!?!  Then my step-son acquired an iPod touch and boy did that change my tune.

Now to the heart of the problem…

After seeing what the iPod touch can do, I wondered why I hadn’t heard of it’s features before.  Maybe I didn’t pay enough attention, or maybe others glossed over it assuming that everyone who cared already knew.  I found a couple examples on one of my favorite blogs – photoshop insider by Scott Kelby.

In the first example, there isn’t even mention of the iPod touch. It just talks about a cool new app for the iPhone.

In the second example, he does mention the iPod touch but it’s kind of like an afterthought.

I always ignored the iPhone news because I wasn’t going to switch my service provider just to get a cool phone.  It just wasn’t going to happen (ask anyone who’s married).  If someone had come out and said that you don’t have to have an iPhone to have all those cool apps, it may have turned my head a long time ago. 

If you have read this far, and you write a blog or twitter or facebook, please tell your friends that the iPod  Touch has most of the features of the iPhone without the AT&T contract.  A friend of mind told me he even found an app that turns his iPod Touch into a phone.  Here’s a link to  do that: