howdy folks, I’m back

After a grueling 275 hours worked in December, I am finally ready to resume the blogging grind.

Today I finished reading the book “blink” by the author Malcolm Gladwell. It was an incredibly interesting book. Every bit as good a read as his first book “The Tipping Point”.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find as much applicable knowledge as his first effort.  Here is my brief review of both books.

Blink (in a nutshell) :

  1. First impressions can be very powerful, insightful and corruptable.
  2. First impressions become more accurate with training in the subject matter involved.
  3. It is important to provide “white noise” (time to process the first impression data) and understand/determine the conditions that can cause a first impression might be incorrect (biases, lack of training or not enough white noise). 
  4. Too much data can cause people to confuse information with understanding.
  5. The more complicated a situation, the higher the probability your first impression is correct.
  6. We (as a society) might want to review our legal system and pre-marital councelling techniques.

Here is the Tipping Point (in a nutshell):

  1. Business, societal and biological trends can be affected by minor “tweaks” (changes) to them or the system they exist in.
  2. Three types of people are important to these changes: the maven, the connector and the salesman
  3. trends are affected by the strength of their “stickyness factor”
  4. trends are affected by their environment – which the author Gladwell calls “the power of context”

Here is a better overview of the books on wikipedia

The Tipping Point


 Here is a link to both books on

The Tipping Point


I think I’m going to have to add “the Tipping Point” to my favorite 5 business book list. the content is simply too simple, elegant and powerful to ignore.

Finally, I thought about adding Mr. Gladwell’s blog to this post but it appears a little dated (his bio hasn’t been updated since he wrote his second book). the posts are a little sparce and on diverse other topics than these two books. Very interesting to read but very intellectual. If you have enjoyed his books you can find the blog with a quick search on google.