Hi, my name is Brian Morrell

You can reach me at service@outofnapkins.com

Why the funny name – outofnapkins ?

      Many years ago, a friend and I bought some guitars and wanted to start a band.  We were constantly kicking around names and while sitting in a resturaunt one morning we saw (you guessed it) an empty napkin dispenser. Although we never did agree on a band name, I took the name outofnapkins for an email address and boy it stuck.  I would run into people that I hadn’t seen in years and they would still remember my email address.  Moving forward with that concept, I registered the domain name “outofnapkins.com”.  After trying out many different uses for the site I have decided to make it the “Photography Site with the Funny Name”.  Welcome to outofnapkins.com

(by the way, we never did start that band and I have given the guitars to my kids).

My Photographic Experience:

  • 13 years at one of nation’s largest photo-labs as quality control
  • 1.5 years at one of the nation’s largest one hour photo chains
  • 10 years experience as a photographer (my current studio can be found here)
  • 6 credit hours of technical photography at local university (GO GORILLAS!)
  • 3 credit hours of artistic photography at local university
  • member of NAPP
  • 2009 Attended the iphotoshoppeopletour by JB Sallee (Dallas based wedding photographer)
  • 2010 Attended Sandy Puc  photography tour.