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Back to the beginning

I have decided that I am tired of blogging about photography (exclusively).  There are many photography blogs out there with many things to say.  Unfortunately, many of them say the same things. There are a few standouts – if you follow photography in the blogosphere then you should know which ones I’m talking about. But enough about this. From today on, I am blogging about whatever strikes my fancy. Usually I will have a theme for the day (such as “photography friday” or “monday musings” or some other cheesy topic.  But… I never know until I’m writing, what the topic will be.  Sometimes it will be a great conversation with the “crew” (my co-workers).  Sometimes it will be some random interesting thought that I want to share.

Well enough for now.  Have a great day – (if you’ve managed to read this far).


100 plus

howdy folks,

sorry i haven’t posted in so long.  As some of the followers know, i work at a professional photolab and we are deep into the thick of seasonal rush.  as of this post i have worked over 83 hours in the last 6 days and am bracing for another 15 hours today continuing through the 22nd of December.  i’m not ignoring the blog so much as trying to survive these crazy work hours.  i’ll post again after Christmas.

Happy Holidays –


A Fresh Look for the Home Site.

howdy folks,

This morning I finally loaded a totally new version of the website.  It’s not complete but it is a lot more attractive and functional than the previous incarnations.  I’ll post updates as the features are activated.

Don’t miss the photo tips section at the bottom right of the page.  Anyone is free to go to the outofnapkins photo tips blog (click the “more” link in the lower corner to access the blog) and send me suggestions for future tips.

Updated Studio Gallery 8-7-09

howdy folks,

today I updated my studio gallery, I now have a whopping 49 sample pics up.  I have tried to cover a little of everything, from candids to posed shots, indoor and outside, sports, street photography,travel, portraits, pets, architecture, a little fine art and graphic design.  Most are a variant of painting or colorization or HDR.

here’s the link:

Hope it’s a better representation of my work than the last gallery.

Turning the Page – from photography to Animation and video

Howdy folks,  🙂

Over the last four or five months I’ve mostly written about photography or photoshop.  As I’ve watched the technology change over the years, there has been a trend for “regular” digital cameras to also shoot video.  After a lot of investigating (randomly searching whatever caught my fancy on search engines and blogs),  I have decided to include info about video editing, software, equipment and techniques.  (It also doesn’t hurt that it gives me alot more content to draw inspiration from). 

Anyway,  I will still post my thoughts and discoveries about photography, but I wanted to share some of the “cooler” stuff that I run across from time to time.

Just updated my studio gallery

This evening I spent some well-used time watching Matt Kloskowski’s tutorials about Lightroom on .  If you haven’t checked them out yet, you don’t know what you are missing.  They have training videos covering various topics involving photography, photoshop, plug-ins, techniques and other related topics.  They have a monthly subscription option as well as an annual subscription.  Both subscriptions offer unlimited access to all of their training videos.

To the point, I used the knowledge gleaned from the session to update my studio portfolio (which was long overdue).  I didn’t use alot of images (only 23), just enough to get a feel for the gallery building process – and enough to display the variety of images I usually make.  Here is the link to my gallery.  Any comments or critiques are welcomed.

Slowing Down (for now)

If anyone out there is still listening,

I have decided to take a little break from blogging as much as I can in order to rebuild my website.  I do everything myself and have come up with some really good ideas (I think they’re good) for my site.  I will still be blogging once a week, but that’s about it.  In 3 or 4 months, I should have the new site ready.  It will have videos and a lot more content than currently exists.  My main problem is time, between all of my commitments (3 kids, house for sale, terminally ill family member, custody issues… you get the idea) and hobbies and crazy ideas, I just don’t have time to bang out the content as fast as I would like.  Please have patience, the new website should be worth it.