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PowerPig Rocks!

howdy folks,

I stumbled across powerpig on flickr recently and wanted to share his awesome sense of humor as well as his mad photography skills with you.

click on the image below to see powerpig’s flickr page with many more clever photos.

powerpig's kissing booth
“business is slow” by powerpig on flickr

I might also mention that he has shirts for sale on the flickr page. Just click on the link that says “wear it” on the right side of the page.


The Rules of Photography – in pictures

howdy folks,

This morning I was browsing through my various news sources and ran across a blog entry ( my dream studio) with some pretty cool pictures with test stating various photography rules.  I was intriged, so I clicked the link and found this was part of a set from the photography rules group on flickr (why didn’t I think of that).  They are part humor and part advice.  The pictures are all pretty good.  You just need to head over there and check them out for yourself.

sample from the rules of photography group

sample from the rules of photography group

another sample from the rules of photography group

another sample from the rules of photography group

I also wanted to share one of my blog news sources.  Here is my alltop link:

this is a chunk of the blogs that I check almost daily.

Rounding second… a quick painter tutorial

howdy folks,

a couple of days ago I posted a picture of my son playing baseball – his way.

I liked the idea enough that I turned it into a painting (using corel painter 10).

Playing Baseball Painting

"Playing Baseball" Painting

 First, I made a quick clone of the original and turned off the tracing paper feature to show a white canvas.  Then I selected the Acrylics Captured Bristle from the Smart Stroke Brushes category.  I used the Auto-Paint feature using that brush.  When the Auto-Paint had finished, I selected the Opaque Bristle Spray brush in the Oils category. I set the opacity somewhere between 6% to 20% and painted back the detail in my son by following the natural contours of the image. 

It took roughly 20-30 minutes from the time I opened painter to the time I saved the final image.

Playing Ball…

howdy folks,

Alot of the posts give links or opinions or ideas.  I thought I might as well share a pic or two also (since this blog is mostly about photography).

Earlier this year, I took my son to the ballpark to play some baseball.  I think he misunderstood…

I think he misunderstood...

I think he misunderstood...

Photoshop Heroes (they’re not what you think)

howdy folks,

man have I been busy,  lots of great stuff on the internet these days and no time for new posts.  Last night I ran across a great t-shirt.  It is a bunch of superheroes based on photoshop filters. 

 here is the link:

Slowing Down (for now)

If anyone out there is still listening,

I have decided to take a little break from blogging as much as I can in order to rebuild my website.  I do everything myself and have come up with some really good ideas (I think they’re good) for my site.  I will still be blogging once a week, but that’s about it.  In 3 or 4 months, I should have the new site ready.  It will have videos and a lot more content than currently exists.  My main problem is time, between all of my commitments (3 kids, house for sale, terminally ill family member, custody issues… you get the idea) and hobbies and crazy ideas, I just don’t have time to bang out the content as fast as I would like.  Please have patience, the new website should be worth it.

Everybody Sing Along!

When the stripes on your guys,
make a swirly surprise,
That’s a moire….
When the stripes on your girls,
turn into little curls,
That’s a moire….
But seriously, if you don’t know what a moire pattern is you can check out a decent explanation at wikipedia

How to fix them,  the best method that I have seen is to resize the image in photoshop.  To do this you go to the menu at the top of the screen. Select Image, then go down the list and select “image size”.  A dialogue box will open.  Make sure the “resample image” box is checked, then change the number in the resolution box to a slightly smaller number. Finally, don’t save.  Instead select “save as” and add version1 or some other add on to the end of the file name.  This way you can keep changing from the original file until you find a resolution that eliminates or greatly reduces the moire pattern in your image.

here are a couple of other great resources for dealing with moire patterns: