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Worst movie ever (or best)

I think somebody should make a movie starring William Shatner, Shaquille O’neil and David Hasselhoff.  Just imagine 90 minutes of shat, shaq and hoff puns. It wouldn’t even matter what the plot was. It could be about a nascar driving space pirate who is looking for his lost stuffed animal or any other topic you could think of. It wouldn’t really matter as long as the pun-a-thon keeps rolling.


Topaz Labs – One of the must-have plug-ins

Lately, I haven’t been much in the mood to post anything. It seems that either there is not much going on or everybody waits a couple of weeks and then reposts the same information that someone elso has posted.  I saw a blogpost from Scott Kelby recently about software from Topaz labs.   They have some pretty cool software at great prices.  My favorites are “clean 2” and “adjust 3”.  The “clean” program can give you an illustrator look, while the adjust program can simulate the Lucisart look for a fraction of the price.  I would recommend getting the entire suite.  The cost for four plug-ins is around $120-130.  They are definitely worth their cost if you like the looks they can provide.

What the duck VIDEO series.

If you follow this site, you may have seen a few references to the webcomic “What the Duck“.  Last night I discovered they have some animated videos on youtube.  I don’t think they’re quite as funny as the regular comic strip, but it does provide a little variety.



NeXt post will be Monday or Tuesday