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Everybody Sing Along!

When the stripes on your guys,
make a swirly surprise,
That’s a moire….
When the stripes on your girls,
turn into little curls,
That’s a moire….
But seriously, if you don’t know what a moire pattern is you can check out a decent explanation at wikipedia

How to fix them,  the best method that I have seen is to resize the image in photoshop.  To do this you go to the menu at the top of the screen. Select Image, then go down the list and select “image size”.  A dialogue box will open.  Make sure the “resample image” box is checked, then change the number in the resolution box to a slightly smaller number. Finally, don’t save.  Instead select “save as” and add version1 or some other add on to the end of the file name.  This way you can keep changing from the original file until you find a resolution that eliminates or greatly reduces the moire pattern in your image.

here are a couple of other great resources for dealing with moire patterns:


What the duck VIDEO series.

If you follow this site, you may have seen a few references to the webcomic “What the Duck“.  Last night I discovered they have some animated videos on youtube.  I don’t think they’re quite as funny as the regular comic strip, but it does provide a little variety.



NeXt post will be Monday or Tuesday

Sorry for my absense, an update & thanks to Greg

I’ve been fighting bronchitis since friday and haven’t been up to much of anything.

I did, however, find a link that I meant to include in an earlier post (Catching Flies).

It is to a website that posts humorous stories from customer service reps.  The site is called “Not Always Right

I also wanted to thank Greg at for the referral.

Hardware Lists and a little entertainment

On my main website –, I have added two sections in the hardware category (cameras and computers). They are listings of manufacturers, some retailers, and a few review and news sites. I have also added a couple of links in the entertainment section. One is for a web comic that deals with photography and the other couple of links are for photography related t-shirts, clothes and other merchandise.

Also, I added a book – The Complete Guide to Light and Lighting in Digital Photography– to my essential reading list page on this blog as well as a couple of magazines that I consider indispensable.

Should be on a T-Shirt

Photography is savoring life at 1/100th of a second.

quote by Marc Riboud – a famous french photographer – i’d add a link, but his website (like him) is all French

Seen on a T-Shirt -2

Photoshop – helping the ugly since 1988.

You can find the T-shirt Here.

The shirt was designed by Aaron Johnson – author of photography related web comic What The Duck

(Special thanks to Syl Arena for mentioning what the duck on his blog – PixSylAted)

Seen on a T-Shirt

All I think about are



shutter speeds

and crop like that