About 6 months ago I bought my son some very powerful magnets to play with (trying to add a little science to playtime). Imagine my surprize when I walked into my office and saw him holding a magnet with the stylus from my tablet dangling from it. Boy I panicked.

Fortunately he had not gotten around to seeing if the tower or external hard drive were magnetic. It did however get me thinking. I routinely back up my external drive onto my internal drive and vice versa, BUT, both drives are next to each other, in reach of children and (although safe from crashes) not safe from physical threats. In the very near future, I will be purchasing a second external hard drive to back up the first so that I can store it somewhere PHYSICALLY safe.  The other thought I had was that I need to explain to my children (all 3 of them) about computers and my photography gear and explain how they are used and how they can be damaged.  Hopefully this will help them make better decisions when unusual situations arise (such as finding out what is magnetic while the parents aren’t around).

p.s. So far, the tablet seems to have survived the shock.