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Love the One You’re With (Lenses) part 1

When I first discovered blogging, the very first blog I read was the strobist by David Hobby. I don’t remember exactly where I saw the comment (possibly in Professional Photographer Magazine or Photoshop User), Mr. Hobby said that his work left him using speedlights all of the time while he left his studio lights stashed at home under his bed.  He then said that he was reminded of the song lyrics – “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.”  With this great idea in mind, let’s explore this concept with lenses.

I never seem to have the lens I need, not enough zoom, not wide-angle enough, not macro enough, not cheap enough to afford…you get the idea.  I want to show you some shortcuts to find either a way to acquire the lens you need or at least the look you want to achieve with that lens you don’t have.

Today I want to give you the link to four lens rental companies. I have a close friend who has used at least two of them with satisfactory results. The obvious advantage of lens rentals is that you can get a specialty lens when you need it but don’t have the major investment of a lens you don’t need all of the time. Additionally, you get the option of trying out (renting) different lenses before commiting to a purchase.

  1. – This one was my friend’s favorite.  My friend said they would practically “bend over backwards to help you” and the prices are the best he’s found.
  2. – Another site my friend used. He reported that there were no problems with this experience either (the prices are a little higher than LensGiant).
  3. – This site I found in PhotoshopUser Magazine. They offer a discount to NAPP members – look for the discount code on the NAPP member site under the “member discount” section for more details.
  4. – I threw this one in just for comparison. I don’t know much about them beyond what is on their site.

If you have any experience with the listed companies or have a suggestion for an addition to this list, please leave them in the comments section.

p.s. if you are uncertain of a web retailer or online business you might be able to check them out at This website has helped me to avoid bad companies in the past. It really helps to read some of the company reviews. Keep in mind that most people won’t post unless they are unhappy about a product or service.


Hardware Lists and a little entertainment

On my main website –, I have added two sections in the hardware category (cameras and computers). They are listings of manufacturers, some retailers, and a few review and news sites. I have also added a couple of links in the entertainment section. One is for a web comic that deals with photography and the other couple of links are for photography related t-shirts, clothes and other merchandise.

Also, I added a book – The Complete Guide to Light and Lighting in Digital Photography– to my essential reading list page on this blog as well as a couple of magazines that I consider indispensable.