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Sony Works With University To Create New Blu-ray Laser

another repost from digg. Here’s the link:

Sony is cooperating on building a violet colored laser. click the link for the details.


Remember Where You Came From (lenses) part 4

Today I wanted to talk about another source of discounted lenses. That source is legacy glass. Legacy glass is the nickname for lenses from older film cameras that will still work with more modern digital cameras. Unfortunately this is a pretty obscure issue in photography. My research has led to a lot of dead ends; there isn’t even a wikipedia entry with a brief description. (It sure would be nice if someone could start a page for compatabilities between brands and couplers needed or other issues).

Here’s what I do know (or at least think I do):

  • Many digital camera systems share the same mount as older film based systems.
  • There are adapters out there to mount some legacy glass if the mount base is different.
  • I believe that legacy Minolta lenses will fit the Sony Alpha series.
  • I believe that all Nikon legacy glass will mount on current models (they have never changed the mounting base).
  • I believe that Canon has used three different mounting bases over the years so compatibility might be an issue. I know that the stock lens from an old film rebel worked on my 10.1 mp Rebel XTi (as well as a couple of other lenses that worked on that film camera).
  • When using legacy glass, keep in mind that you will still have a crop factor if your camera doesn’t have a full frame sensor.
  • Some legacy glass is only manual focus or may require shooting in full manual mode (if it’s an older lens). My old Canon lenses work fine with different shooting modes and autofocus works too.

Legacy glass is usually not that cheap if you buy from a camera dealer, but often you can snag a lens at a huge discount from someone who doesn’t know (yard sales, flea markets, etc…).   Places where the buyer might not realize that those lenses will work with today’s cameras.

Bonus: here is a link to a great article about lenses from Matt Buchanan for  They include a discussion about mounts (think legacy glass) in the article

Can you keep a secret? (part 2)

For those of you who read the last post and wondered where are the links for sony (cameras, not everything sony), here are some links for you. I also have another link with many mojor brands of camera info and speculation listed.

The two Sony links are:

  1. Alpha Mount World – They have reviews and previews
  2. Alpha Tracks – This site covers Sony and Minolta brands

The other website is Photography Bay. Like the Bob Atkins website I listed earlier, this website is information packed with rumors, reviews and photography laws. Bonus – they cover anything and everything photographic – not just one brand!