Tech Tuesday – Scientists develop new ‘photonic’ chip that could make quantum computers a reality

Here is a link to a news article combining photonic technology with quantum computing. Pretty exciting stuff!

by the way, watch out for the rollover advertisement on the left. It is extremely annoying.  Somebody should tell GE that ads like that lower customer opinions of their product.


Crazy Big! Canon Develops World’s Largest CMOS Sensor

Crazy Big, there’s even pics to show the difference between the old sensors and the new giant one – side by side.

Here’s the link:

Go to for the story (click the picture)

Sony Works With University To Create New Blu-ray Laser

another repost from digg. Here’s the link:

Sony is cooperating on building a violet colored laser. click the link for the details.

Intel develops first photonics-based, 50Gbps chip

just a repost from an article I found on digg (click on the link)

not a new product yet,  just a cool new technological breakthrough.

PowerPig Rocks!

howdy folks,

I stumbled across powerpig on flickr recently and wanted to share his awesome sense of humor as well as his mad photography skills with you.

click on the image below to see powerpig’s flickr page with many more clever photos.

powerpig's kissing booth
“business is slow” by powerpig on flickr

I might also mention that he has shirts for sale on the flickr page. Just click on the link that says “wear it” on the right side of the page.

Worst movie ever (or best)

I think somebody should make a movie starring William Shatner, Shaquille O’neil and David Hasselhoff.  Just imagine 90 minutes of shat, shaq and hoff puns. It wouldn’t even matter what the plot was. It could be about a nascar driving space pirate who is looking for his lost stuffed animal or any other topic you could think of. It wouldn’t really matter as long as the pun-a-thon keeps rolling.

Back to the beginning

I have decided that I am tired of blogging about photography (exclusively).  There are many photography blogs out there with many things to say.  Unfortunately, many of them say the same things. There are a few standouts – if you follow photography in the blogosphere then you should know which ones I’m talking about. But enough about this. From today on, I am blogging about whatever strikes my fancy. Usually I will have a theme for the day (such as “photography friday” or “monday musings” or some other cheesy topic.  But… I never know until I’m writing, what the topic will be.  Sometimes it will be a great conversation with the “crew” (my co-workers).  Sometimes it will be some random interesting thought that I want to share.

Well enough for now.  Have a great day – (if you’ve managed to read this far).